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    Motherboard DG31PR - Too hot, please help me!


      Hey guys, it's a pleasure to being here, It's my first thread and I hope you can help me, I recently gave my Desktop Board Intel DG31PR to my sister, because I purchased a DG41RQ, the thing is that, the temperature on the BIOS for the motherboard is showing 64 °C, which I believe it's too hot, I never measured the temperature of the motherboard when I was using it, so I can't say that this was normal even before, I already installed another fan on the case, so I have the fan for the microprocessor, and two fans attached to the case, one taking out the hot air, and the other one providing more air into the case, but the temperature is the same, I already changed the thermal paste (I could not find any quality thermal paste, but I already ordered one from eBay), and it's the same, the computer is working fine, with no problems at all, but I'm afraid to lose the whole computer if the motherboard suddenly crashes, I was checking on the internet about this desktop board, and it seems like there are problems with the temperature, so lot of people say it's normal in this version of desktop board, but.......I would really like to confirm that information, by the way, I updated the BIOS version to the latest one, please help me, any advise, comment, would be highly appreciated, thanks!!

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          my mainboard is a DX58SO where the temperature of the chipset (northbridge) also has 66 degrees without any fan. By using a fan it will decrease down to 45 degrees. The reference of this board contains the information of a max. temperature up to 100 degrees.


          What i wanna say: use a fan if not done yet.




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            Well, I'm using two fans, both attached to the case, one is taking out the hot air that is inside of the case, and the other one is throwing air into the case, and I have the fan of the microprocessor, of course, any other idea? thanks!

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              Sorry what temp is that high? the motherboard, MCH or ICH?? or CPU?

              If it is the motherboard or ICH and GMCH then you havent got anything to worry about, they go up to about 100 so  your temps are well within the limitis

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                Yes, actually it's the temperature on the motherboard, I was on the online chat support and the agent told me that the temperature is not dangerous for the motherboard, I have an Intel DG41RQ that I use, and that one shows 36 C, so I don't know if the temperature changes from model to model, by the way, the DG31PR I was using it with my hardware, and I gave it to my sister because she lost hers, but she did not reinstalled OS or anything, she just placed all her hardware into the motherboard, so I don't know if there's something to do with that, because it's supposed that the motherboard still contains the configuration from my hardware, and suddenly we are using a different configuration, just as a reference.


                Is there anything I can do to lower the heat, even if it's not dangerous? thanks!

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                  I have the same problem with my DG31PR


                  My computer used to just reboot randomly on me and I have gone from buying a new PSU, GFX card and even a new case.

                  I sent the board back to Intel and got a new one, but after a few months it did the same thing.

                  I left it on test for a few days to see if it rebooted and it would reboot at least twice a day and mainly when i was playing games.

                  I noticed that the chipset with the heatshink on it was so hot that i could not touch it.

                  I had an old case fan and put it in such a way as to blow on the heatsink and now it does not even feel warm, my computer has since not rebooted !!!!!

                  This makes me think that the same thing was happening to my old motherboard and seeing that it has happened to both with no warnings from the motherboard that it is a flaw in the design.


                  Lucky for me my motherboard is out of warranty

                  Even tho I had it swapped out and it is still doing the same thing (with no fan).

                  Looks like Intel also made the heatsink smaller ??????

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                    Just to test the "the heat sink " intel has provided with Intel dg31pr I used my pc with heat sink off and had no significant increase in temperature and neither did my PC restart so what I guess is that DG31pr does not need much of effective cooling and to test in other way I got an active cooler with 40 mm fan (low profile though) and placed it in place of default and temperatures were in 40-45 c limit so to conclude I dont think that you need to worry if temperature goes to 60-65 its not going to cause any damage to chip  im getng a reading off 64c now and its with the default cooler (did not like the buzzing sound of that tiny fan)

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                      For a mother board, that is a high temperature, 64C/147F.  I do not own that motherboard, but I have a different Intel board, and it's temperature is never any where near that, mine runs at or below 30C.


                      You mentioned changing the thermal paste, on what, the CPU cooler?  That will not change the mother board temperature.  Nor will changing the paste on the Northbridge/MCH or Southbridge/ICH coolers.


                      I'm sorry to ask again, but that temperature sounds like that of a Northbridge/MCH.  But I'm sure you can read the BIOS screen, which should say Motherboard across from the temperature, not something like MCH.


                      Question: Does that temperature ever change?  When you check it, is it always the same?  Is it always 64C?


                      I'm asking you this for two reasons; First it is possible for the temperature sensor to be broken, or stuck it is sometimes called.  It cannot be fixed.


                      Second, my Northbridge on my Intel board always showed a temperature of 66C.  All the time, when first turned on or running all day, or with a fan on it.  I found and read an Intel technical document about that Northbridge chip, and it said the temperature sensor will never give a reading below 66C, only above that temperature.  Why it is done that way I do not know, but it sure seems to be true to me.


                      That motherboard may be working the same way, it will show the same temperature (64C) even if it is 30C and only change if it goes above 64C.


                      If the temperature never changes, than I think either of the two things I wrote above is the problem.