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    Desktop Utilities Alerts


      Hello I am running an Intel Dual Core

      3.00 ghz on an DG965RY motherboard with a 400 psu 1 gig dd2 ati pci express graphics cards, 2 system fans and a gig of ram. I installed the desktop utilities program from intel and everything was going fine until the system restarted. Now i get an alert every few mins in use and idle saying that everything from Processor VCCP to +12v  and every voltage is (0.000v) out of recomended range. Is this just a glitch with the system or do I need a bigger psu?

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          It's a glitch with that board.


          I built some systems on 2 of which I used the DG965RYCK boards. After the Intel IDU was installed we would get onscreen alerts showing all the voltages as 0 and also overheating alerts even though the temperatures were well within tolerances. I finally uninstalled IDU from those systems.

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            I might also add you should keep an eye on that board. The 1st system I built with the DG965RYCK board recently failed due to defective capacitors. The board failed after 3 years and 2 weeks. I am now just waiting to see if the other DG965RYCK board I used for another build also fails.


            I'm and OEM builder and, I have been building exclusively with Intel processors and boards for more than 12 years, and this is only the 2nd incidence I have seen where defective capacitors were seen on Intel boards.

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              Thanks, what should I look for, its an old system but it's new to me. I upgraded to the newer version of desktop utilities 3.0.15 and for the most part the alerts have stopped. I have gotten 2 alerts on the +5v rail which I believe is due to the pci usb card I installed I am going to be removing that. One alert on the +1.5v rail not sure what that rail does and two on the +12v rail but they seem to be just inside and out of the norm one was at 11.851 V and the other was for 12.015 v

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                You shouldn't be getting alerts on the voltages you posted.


                The normally acceptable voltage variations are + or - 5% although some people advocate + or - 10% on the +12v rail(s). Personally, I want to see them all at + or - 5 %.


                The earlier Intel voltage/temperature monitor was called Intel Active Monitor which was used on the 8xx series boards. That was a very good monitor, very accurate and never any problems.


                I gave up on IDU on the 965RY boards after it told me there were 0 voltages on all rails which was impossible since the monitor never flickered and the display was great.


                As to the motherboard capacitors, take a bright light and carefully examine the larger capacitors on the board. The capacitors should be perfectly flat on top. If you have any that are starting to get a "dome" on top often described as "bulging" or "swollen" the capacitor is defective.


                On the 965RY board that failed, initially the customer was getting an overheat signal. I cleaned the machine but didn't really check the capacitors since defective capacitors are rare on Intel boards. About 3 weeks later the machine refused to start and when I closely examined the capacitors I found six defective capacitors. 3 were in a line just to the right of the memory slots, and 3 were just to the left of the Northbridge heatsink.


                There are 11 capacitors you should check. They are the largest capaitors on the board and are brown with a vertical grey stripe. They are marked as 6.3 v

                3300 uF.