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    S5500BC board. Fans stay on at full power all the time




      As you might have guessed i have fairly recently purchased a S5500BC server board. It has a single Xeon 2.266 processor. It has 8GB of memory and no addon card.


      For some reason the fans constantly stay on at full blast.Even whilst not using the O/S!


      i have done everything changing the BIOS setting.Nothing seems to change the logic of the motherboard.I have even disabled the turbo setting.


      Any suggestion as to what might be the problem.


      The only thing is that initially the motherboard had two processor but then because we needed a RAID card one of the processors was removed.


      i am just wondering whether the missing blanking plate for the second CPU is causing this problem?ie. the air from second fan is not passing through.


      The fan shouldn't be running at full blast when running the BIOS set up as the work load should be minimal. But it does.


      Many thanks for any advice.