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    sakis3g for 3g model, error: unrecognized option '--color=always'


      Hi, ALL,


      I follow the rules  https://bovs.org/post/168/Building-Yocto-linux-for-Intel-Edison-with-3G-USB-modems-support


      and using the image it provieded: yocto_gg_2606_1.zip - Google Drive


      Now, I am connect to the 3g.


      But I want to use  umtskeeper instead. : UMTSkeeper internet keep-online


      I ran the commands as follows:

      cd ~


      mkdir umtskeeper

      cd umtskeeper

      wget "http://mintakaconciencia.net/squares/umtskeeper/src/umtskeeper.tar.gz"

      md5sum umtskeeper.tar.gz

      tar -xzvf umtskeeper.tar.gz

      chmod +x sakis3g


      However, when I try to use it: sudo ./sakis3g --interactive

      I got the following errors:




      /bin/grep unrecognized option '--color=always'

      BusyBox v1.22.1 (2016-06-23 15:24:00 EEST) multi-call binary.


      Usage: grep [-HhnlLoqvsriwFE] [-m N] [-A/B/C N] PATTERN/-e PATTERN.../-f FILE [FILE]...




      Can anyone help me, thanks !