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    NUC6i7KYK vs AsRock Deskmini 110


      Hello to all,


      I am torn between 2 choices to get a new PC


      1. NUC6i7KYK

      + very compact

      + good CPU, from what I've read the performance is about -20% fron i7 6700 desktop CPU

      + good GPU, at least better than the one in desktop CPUs

      - some reviews say that is loud and noisy and I plan on having it on my desk, near my monitor

      - temperatures seem to be too high even on idle, speaking from reviews

      - expensive


      2. AsRock Deskmini 110 mini-stx system

      + possibility to add a desktop CPU up to 65W TDP with stock or aftermaket cooler

      + better cooling

      - slower GPU, not a Iris Pro

      - good price


      Beside the barebone, there will be:

      - 16 GB SoDimm DDR4

      - Samsung 960 EVO M2 PCIe SSD 250 GB


      So basically I can take the Intel NUC and have a good CPU and GPU but my main concern is the noise. On Deskmini I can put even a i7 6700 but I don't think that cooling would help in that case, however a i7 6700T can work and get the best of both worlds.

      The machine is used 80-90% of the time for software development, so games don't really have any impact on my choice. Even so, the Iris Pro doesn't seem impressive in any way.


      I'm curious on your advises. What should I choose? Thank you very much for taking your time to read my question.

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          It may be my aged (almost 60 year old) ears, but the KY NUCs are not that loud and certainly are not what I would consider noisy. Sure, if you saturate the processor for very long periods of time (which you won't if you are doing S/W development), the blower is going to have to work hard to keep the unit cool, but this is not that bad either. True, there have been a few bum units whose blowers were bad and noisy, but Intel replaced these units no questions asked. I have seen many full desktop machines that are louder (and mine are being slowly replaced with NUCs). Secondly, these units do not have to sit on your desk where the noise is always right there in your face. They support VESA mounts and thus can be attached to the back/side of your desk, to the back of your monitors, etc.


          What the decision comes down to is how much space you have for the unit, whether the unit gives you the expansion capabilities that you need and whether the penalties of using such a small chassis are worth it. With 2Tb and even 4TB M.2 SSDs becoming available in just a few short weeks, storage isn't an issue (and offline storage can be expanded via the fast USB 3.0 interfaces and the very fast USB 3.1 interface). Obviously, if you need room for a third-party GPU, you are going to need a bigger chassis, but certainly not for S/W development. From the noise standpoint, cooling these very small chassis is tough. You don't have room for fans so you have to use blowers. Blowers are less efficient and thus must spin at higher speeds to generate the airflow necessary and thus can be somewhat louder as a result - but not at or near idle where you spend 99% of your time.


          Hope this helps,


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            Thank you very much Scott for your detailed reply.


            I've looked at prices and a AsRockDeskMini+i7 6700T which basically makes a barebone, is cheaper with about 200$ than the NUC. Rest of the components are the same. This means that I can get the AsRock system + Windows 10 + a better CPU cooler at around the same price as Skull Canyon alone... However I loose on GPU. Not sure exactly how i7 6700T compares to i7 6770HQ.


            It is hard for me to make a decision.

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              I did some math, AsRock DeskMini 110 + i5 6600 + 16 GB RAM + SSD 960 EVO 250 GB is cheaper than the Skull Canyon barebone alone, in my country. If I put another like 50-70$ I can also get Win 10... I don't thing the difference in GPU is worth the extra cash, and also most likely a i5 would be enough for my software development needs... Interesting thing would be how noisy is a i5 + stock intel cooler vs NUC...

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                Yea, for software development, an i5 is probably enough. It depends upon whether or not you want to use VMs during your development. If you do, an i7 is probably better - and more memory (32GB) will help a lot.


                I am not sure about this system choice. You are looking at this mSTX system because it additionally offers some expansion and future upgrade capabilities (and is (hopefully) quieter). Why limit yourself to a design that can only use internal graphics? There are not much bigger mITX systems that have a PCIe x16 slot for graphics expansion - and most of the graphics card manufacturers are still offering short/low-profile cards that fit in these chassis. If you can accept a slightly larger chassis, you can look at mATX designs that get you a couple of additional PCI/PCIe slots for other expansion possibilities.


                Regardless of the choice, all three are going to put you in a realm where you have a stock intel cooler involved. There are replacement coolers that are definitely quieter, though you have to be careful with the cooler design because of space and since this fan's airflow helps cool other parts of the system.


                Just random thoughts...


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                  N.Scott.Pearson thank you for your help. Let's hope it can help alinescoo on making that decision.




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                    Even an i3 will fit your needs not that bad, IMHO. And 5/6 i3 NUC will be very quiet and without any problems with overheating

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                      If you are talking for instance about NUC6i5SYH then its CPU i5-6260U is nowhere near a desktop i5 6600... or it's quite far from i7-6700HQ. AsRocl+i5 6600 is chaper than NUC6i5SYH offering much better performance as CPU, however not sure about the GPU, as the NUC seems to be having a Iris one...

                      Hard call to make... Thank you for your suggestion I'll take a look at other NUCs to see if I can find other configurations as I manly looked at Skull Canyon

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                        NUC6i5SYH seems like a good alternative too, it's interesting that it has Iris graphics, not Pro version but it should be better than the normal HD GPU. The main concern of mine is how good is the CPU for what I need...

                        I was wondering if anyone has one and how is in terms of noise/performance.

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                          The Deskmini is fine, as far as noise goes. You can use a regular or compact cooling. One option is to buy the mini-STX board and use it with another chassis that you find more to your liking. You can use a high-end Skylake CPU that will out-perform what is in the Skull Canyon by a wide margin, so it's a better buy, so long as you can afford the CPU and high-end memory to go with it. However, I have to tell you that neither the Skull Canyon or any of the ASRock mini-STX offerings are intended to be used for software development and neither uses the latest CPUs and instruction sets, so think carefully about your future work before you pull the trigger. Keep an eye out next year, as you'll see more compact systems come to market, some of which sport Intel Xeon CPUs or pro-grade AMD APUs, which are ideal for software development.

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                            I'll have to disagree a bit on this, I currently have a i5 3350p which I believe is Ivy Bridge and 8 GB RAM and I can't say that it's a slow system during my development. I do run out of memory at times, and when using Android Studio + emulator running, the CPU gets to 100% during compile but other than that during coding with emulator running stays at 20-40%. So given this, a i5 6500 or a i7 6700 desktop on AsRock DeskMini I believe it should be more than enough. I've read on some site that the Skull canyon CPU is only with about 20% slower than i7 6700 so given the better GPU it could be a great alternative, if it were less expensive.

                            Probably my main grip with desktop CPU is its low GPU and the fact that I plan on having large monitor. Now I have a 2440x1080 one and it feels smaller, so most likely I'll need something bigger in the future and I don't want to have issues with Windows because of the GPU performance.


                            I've given up on NUC6i5SYH as its CPU is quite weaker even than i5 6500.


                            I'll take a look at what AMD has to offer since I believe in January the're show their new Zen architecture. Thank you for your suggestions.