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    i7-6700 perfomance issues


      I have noticed that ever since i got my i7-6700 it hasn't been performing very well. in the 3d mark and i only scored about 3900 in the cpu benchamark which is a lot lower than the average fro the i7-6700. i have tried several different things like reinstalling all my motherboard drivers and changing my power saving settings but nothing has seemed to work. my cpu temperatures are also not high so it isnt thermal throttling. i have run  the IntelProcessor Diagnostic Tool but everything passed the test.i would appriciate it very much if someone could help me.




      i7-6700 3.4 Mhz (turboclock 3.8 Mhz)


      z-170a PC MATE


      Gtx 1080


      16gb ddr4 ram


      650w cooler master psu