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    Are Alienware's 15R4 and 17R4 with I7-6700HQ and I7-6820HK overheating ?


      I'd like to have a official answer from Intel's point of vue.


      Until recently, Alienware's 15R3 and 17R4 laptops are known for heating issues.

      When complaining about this issue with my 15R3 powered by I7-6820HK, here's their official answer : Alienware 15 R3 / 17 R4 Shutdown when playing games or during high CPU stress | Dell US


      Does Intel agree with this:


      Intel i7-6700HQ and i7-6820HK may reach 100 C on 1 or 2 cores without shutting down when overclocked.

      In these 2 cases tempreature range is considered within specifications by Intel and will not be considered as overheating, if you have 3 or more cores exceeding the 97 C mark please contact support for assistance.


      Interesting fact : DELL has changed the thermal pads' size to even thermal module's pressure on the CPU for newly delivered units and changed the thermal paste too. But they keep blaming Intel's processor for earlier units.


      Here are my temps out of the box after a first run of 3DMark Time Spy Benchmark:


      Is the CPU overheating ?



      DELL says from Intel's point of view it is not.