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    Unable to monitor physical disk and RAID




      I'm busy configuring my N-Able enviroment to monitor my servers. Currently i'm running into an issue regarding SNMP and physical disk health.

      I've configured the server with the software:

      • Intel Multi-Server Manager;
      • Intel Multi-Server Manager Agent;
      • Intel Server Management SNMP Subagent;
      • Raid Web console 2.

      The server is running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard x64.


      I can monitor everything else just fine, the fans, temprature and the PSU's work. The only thing i cannot monitor are my Disks an RAID configuration.


      I have installed and configured the SNMP service.


      Am i calling on the wrong OID's? The OID's that are getting queried by my monitoring software are as follows:




      I have tried a manual request with these OID's and i got a No Such name error Which could mean i'm missing the required mib's


      So i'm wondering, have i missed some software? Or is it because my OID's arent right?


      Thanks in advance,