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    F200 laser projector patterns




      To estimate the raddiation density of the F200 I am trying to find out more about the patterns, the camera does project. I am a bit confused from what I have read so far.


      On the following page, a picture of one of the patterns is shown und #3


      Can Your Webcam Do This? - Exploring the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera (F200) | Intel® Software


      I have found this picture on several other homepages related to the F200.

      On the other hand on this homepage, the technique behind the laser projector is shown:


      Inside the Intel RealSense Gesture Camera | Chipworks


      The laser beam goes through a line lense and then to a oscillating mirror. I don't understand how, with such a system, other pattern than stripes would be possible. Could someone explain that?


      Is it possible to take pictures of the patterns with librealsense or the sdk? I tried setting the fps of the infrared cam to 300 but then the whole surface is white without any patterns.


      Thank you for your help.