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    Can I upgrade from 3955U to 6600U?


      Hello all; company is forcing the distribution of a workstation that has Celeron 3955U. The response from management is - This is what we purchase. If you want to upgrade on your own nickel, feel free. I have an I7 at home in my dell and am very fond of it's speed and capability. Can I upgrade for a reasonable price out of the 3955 to an i7 model? Pretty certain I would have a viable laptop for the next 5-7 years on that CPU upgrade. Since they are both the same socket- is it simply open, plug and play?



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          Al Hill

          With the numbers you provided, NO, you cannot upgrade to anything:

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          This is because the sockets are BGA, which means that the processor is soldered to the motherboard.


          Now, if the numbers are incorrect, provide the correct processor model numbers.


          Also, for any upgrade to occur, the new processor must be socket, BIOS, and chipset compatible.  This means the processor cannot be soldered to the board, and the motherboard BIOS has to support the new processor.