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    General questions, ICH10R


      Hello, i just got myself 6x 1,5TB WD discs, and now i'm trying to build my first raid 5 with ICH10R on Win XP x64. I installed the drivers that came with the motherboard CD, and its version 8.0 of Matrix Storage Manager. I was thinking of upgrading the drivers, but do i then have to build the raid discs again from scratch, and loose data on them?


      I started building the raid discs two days ago, and now after 36+ hours it has only reached 68% initializing. Is it normally this slow?

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          I just upgraded from an old version of IMSM to the new Intel Rapid Storage Technology 9.5.


          Running raid 1 on my W7 boot drive, this process was seamless. The installer automatically uninstalled IMSM, rebooted, W7 updated some configuration, and it's done.

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            I ended up downgrading as I had serious stability issues on the new driver.


            Seems specific to the WD15EARS hard drives I had in the array as both brand-new drives ended up reporting a smart event which is extremely unlikely. My older drives were fine.