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    Core i5-4460 core settings


      Recently, I downloaded the Intel XTU to play with the processor advanced settings and stress test it. After tweaking something my system became unstable and sometimes won't boot at all. I eventually reset the BIOS and everything went fine again. I noticed that some settings like Turbo Boost Short Power Max and Turbo Boost Power Time Window not available in the BIOS, only in XTU. So I want to make sure that my processor settings in all correct, default settings.


      Turbo Boost Short Power Max - 105 W

      Turbo Boost Power Time Windows - 0.25 seconds

      Core voltage - 0.9V

      Cache voltage - 0.95V

      iGPU voltage - 0.9V

      Core/cache voltage mode - Static (can't change to adaptive)

      Graphics voltage mode - Adaptive


      Please tell me if this is the default value.

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          The only way to set processor default settings would be loading "BIOS default". This is usually by hitting F9 key at bios level.
          I recommend checking with the board maker for any other adjustment you need to do in the BIOS.

          Please bear in mind the processor model i5-4460 is a locked unit. It will better to work with default values.