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    Typo in Joule Module User Guide


      Hello support team,


      There is a typo in the Module User Guide on IDZ, namely the JavaScript example on this page: IoT - Programming and running applications directly on your development platform | Intel® Software


      There's 'new` missing in 'var led = mraa.Gpio(101)' line of the JS example, which causes the below error (reported against mraa library here: mraa.Gpio causes core dump in SetAlignedPointerInInternalField · Issue #619 · intel-iot-devkit/mraa · GitHub):

      var led = mraa.Gpio(101)

      FATAL ERROR: v8::Object::SetAlignedPointerInInternalField() Internal field out of bounds



      Could you please take this to the IDZ page maintainer, so that it's fixed?