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    NUC6i3SYK - ite8713 CIR Infrared - no response



      Running windows 10 pro N.


      CIR enabled in bios

      Tested with both BIOS settings of 'Generic' and 'Xbox One'

      Logitech Harmony 600 remote

      Device drivers loaded successfully (HID -> ITECIR Infrared Receiver (SIO2)), Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard, Keyboard, and Remote Control Keyboard keys


      However remote doesn't seem to do anything at all.

      For troubleshooting, installed Kodi.  Remote doesn't seem to do anything in Kodi.


      Then tried grabbing ShowKey.exe

      No keypresses displayed.



      In linux, have the same results (no keypresses when cat /dev/input/eventX , where X is set to correct event)


      Suggestions for further troubleshooting?