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    RAID10 issues with PCH / ICH10R and Win7


      Hi all,


      hope someone can help me here in this case and/or can provide any solution with the issues we have.


      Firstly i will let you know that my previous sytem, which was used till December 2009, was running pretty fine.

      This system contained:

      Intel E8200

      Kingston 4GB

      1x 250GB HD for operating system

      4x 250GB HD for Data in RAID10



      In December 2009 i had changed my system and the one for a good friend to the newer CPU's.


      My current system:

      Intel DX58SO

      Intel i7-920 Socket 1366

      Kingston 4GB  PC3-10600

      1x 250GB HD for operating system

      4x 500GB HD WD Caviar Black in RAID10

      Win7 32bit



      System of a friend:

      Gigabyte P55a-UD3

      Intel i5-750 Socket 1156

      Kingston 4GB  PC3-10600

      1x 500GB WD Caviar green for operating system

      4x 500GB WD Caviar green in RAID10

      Win7 32bit



      My issues:


      Since upgrading to the Intel board (current BIOS version 4598) for unknown reason at undefined timestamps the system does not work anymore when reading/writing files from/to the RAID. Last time it happened yesterday twice. I had no other option as switching off the computer and restarting it again. The Intel Matrix Storage then detects a non-valid RAID is is resyncing, which takes some hours by 1TB in mirror.

      BUT: There was no faulty HD marked.



      Issues of my friend's:

      He has almost the same issue as i have, for unknown reason at undefined timestamps no access to the the RAID is availabe. Also a reboot will solve the problem.

      BUT: Almost everytime one disk is marked red in the Matrix storage.

      I have already replaced the faulty HD but it still happenes. When checking the HD's with the WD tool they should be fine. No errors on it.



      So does anyone knows about a bug/issue here as i need a reliable RAID??


      Would be nice to get some message.


      Many thanks in advance.