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    Compute Stick Freeze up when playing video


      I purchased the Intel compute stick (BOXSTCK1A32WFC) approximately a year ago. I had difficulty getting it set up, but eventually it began to work after advice from the Intel technical support. Based on the advice from technical support I set Windows not to automatically update. It has worked fine for several months, then it has set idle and not used for the past six months. This week I tried to use it and it is freezing when video playback from Amazon Prime running movies, it seems to run 8-12 minutes or so, and then it bricks up and the only way to get any response is to completely unplug all cables and reboot.  I am reluctant to upgrade the windows version as it appears from discussions on the support community that upgrading cause all kinds of problems. Can you help me figure out a way to run an Amazon prime video without interruption?