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    D54250WYK Europe/Germany Unable to access Warranty


      The device causes multiple failures:

      • A SSD was destroyed
      • After a firmware upgrade the flashing standby LED blinks so slow that you have to wait for a few seconds looking at it before knowing if its still running (continous light) or in standby (slow flashing light)
      • Running Windows 10 and using the CPU Virtualization Option in the Bios Security Tab causes serious media play back issues
      • Windows 10 texts are blurry

      Software installations and multiple BIOS up- and downgrades (inluding the newest 0043-Version) do not help.

      The Intel-Website doesn't give me any chance to get Warranty-Support at all.

      I do not agree with after two years such a price heavy device from a top company like Intel is giving me such a bad experience. I want a new device. Please help me!