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    Has anyone tried making a recovery volume using two western digital EARS drives? (4K LBA sectors)




      I was wondering if anyone has tried making a recovery volume using two western digital EARS drives.  I have just purchased 2 WD20EARS to be used as one a master drive and one recovery drive. I've succesfully cloned my old drive to one of the WD20EARS drives. Everything works, windows boots correctly and works fine so no problems there. I have a ICH9R chipset with Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager on windows 7 x64. I've used this feature before but then it was on two WD10EADS drives (512 bytes LBA sectors). these new rives have 4Kbytes LBA sectors. The raid driver is loaded and I can see both new drives in the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Console.

      However, the drives are reported as having 512Bytes sectors. The jumpers are the drive are correctly set, the WD align tool reports that 4K sectors are in use and aligned so that part is OK. I seems as if the Console is unable to detect this althought the RAID driver is able to use this.

      The result seems to be that I'm unable to make a recovery volume. I can go through the wizard but when I click finish, I get a message saying the the creation of a recovery volume has failed.

      Anyone have any ideas what this is and how to fix it ?