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    Bluetooth Lags


      Hi guys,


      I just bought an Intel stick 2016 with and X5 Atom. I already updated all drivers and BIOS.

      The issue that I have is the lag that I have with any bluetooth mouse or even keyboard. As soon as you open any application the lag appear.

      I also tried a wireless non Bluetooth mouse and this one works flawless.

      So, the bluetooth issue seems to be related when the CPU has some load.

      Any of the community suffer the some thing?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello Ipopox,

          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.

          What is the exact model of the Intel® Compute stick? I’m sorry we have two models with similar processors.

          Do you have the possibility to try the Bluetooth components with another system just to isolate the issue?

          Try uninstalling the Bluetooth driver and reinstall it, you can download the latest Bluetooth driver here:



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            Hi Ivan,


            My model is (BOXSTK1AW32SC), and yes, all the BT components works prefectly in other systems.



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              Intel Corporation
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              We have tested this component in our lab and we don’t experience this behavior.

              Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the Bluetooth driver?

              Try to pair the components again.

              Also, try the following:

              • Accessing the device manager
              • Expand network adapter and right click the Bluetooth driver.
              • A screen will come up and click advance.
              • Under properties look for “Bluetooth Collaboration” and set the value to disabled.

              I hope this can help.



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                I have the same problem using a Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard.
                I noticed that for me lag is more frequently using browser (more with Firefox, but also witn Chrome) for streaming video (Netflix and PrimeVideo) in windowed or fullscreen mode, and also running a DiskMark test on the internal disk C:. No lag with .mkv video playback using MediaPlayerClassics.
                After a first time of lag I have to remove the Keyborad battery because some buttons stops working.

                Windows Event Viewer reports a lot of system warnings concerning Bluetooth: HidBth - Event ID 2 - Bluetooth HID device either went out of range or became unresponsive.


                I tried all the drivers, from 17.1.1532.1814 to 19.00.1621 and also 19.11.1639.649 found using Windows Update, but the problem persists. I also removed the power saving options, but with no improvements.

                I can’t disable “Bluetooth Collaboration” because I’m using an USB wifi adapter and there isn’t this option, but I set the WiFi frequency on 5 GHz to avoid interferences with Bluetooth 2.4 GHz.


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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Could you please provide us with your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse models?
                  Do you have the latest BIOS version installed? You can download it here:
                  F7 BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® Compute Stick

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                    Hi Ivan,

                    my Compute Stick model is BOXSTK1AW32SC and BIOS is update to the latest version 0030.

                    My Mouse/Keyboard is a Logitech diNovo Mini™ (diNovo Mini™ - Logitech Support ) that I used with no problems on the previous media center.

                    On the Compute Stick at first I tried to use the Logitech USB receiver (and SetPoint driver released by Logitech), but I experienced lag problems; so I connected the device using the Compute Stick Bluetooth, but lag persists.



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                      Intel Corporation
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                      We have tested this unit with Bluetooth and it works fine not specifically with this device you have because Intel has not validated it but it should work, at this point we can help you with a warranty replacement for the unit. I have sent you a private message.


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                        I also have a similar problem. my system is following


                          compute stick STK1AW32SC  atom z8330(new one) date of manufacture: 13 sep 2016

                          Bluetooth mouse  iBuffalo BSMBB21S

                          Bluetooth mouse  elecom M-BT7BR


                        When I activate Bluetooth mouse it seems to move fine.

                        But after I play solitaire game about a half an hour

                        the mouse pointer does not move smooth. (lag, slow, fast )

                        My Bluetooth mouse works fine at other machines (including Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC)

                        I already updated BIOS and all drivers.


                        I contacted Intel Customer Support, and got a replacement (date of manufacture: sep 2016).

                        But the situation is the same.



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                          Intel Corporation
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                          Thank you tektek  for sharing this information with us.
                          Would you please provide us with your Bluetooth mouse model to further investigate this issue?
                          Also, I will really appreciate if you could attach the DxDiag and the Msinfo32 to better assist you.
                          Best wishes,

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                            Hello Ivan


                            My Bluetooth mouse models are following


                            iBuffalo (maker)  BSMBB21S

                            elecom (maker)  M-BT7BR


                            Both makers are japanese and the products are made in china.

                            I run DxDiag and it says ^No problems found^.

                            Anyway I will send you the results by email.


                            Thank you

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                              Intel Corporation
                              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                              Thank you for the information, please allow me to further investigate this issue.

                              Best regards,


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                                Hi Ivan,


                                I tried to send the results of DxDiag and the Msinfo32 by email

                                but I couldn't  do that. Maybe the address was wrong.

                                If you need those results, please teach me the way to do it.


                                Thank you for your investigation.

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                                  Hello everyone,


                                  I have been testing several mouse types Bluetooth and USB with no luck and have been also checking on other customers reporting the same issue.

                                  I found out a couple of customers describing the same issue and reporting that it was the TV/Display causing the mouse lagging.

                                  Would it be possible for someone on this community thread to test using the BOXSTK1AW32SC on a plain PC monitor and share back the results?



                                  Ronny G

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                                    Hello Ronny G,


                                    I use it on a plain PC monitor.

                                    Is the CPU of your computer atom z8330(not z8300)?


                                    Thank you

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