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    Enabling jupyter/jupyterhub on Edisons (request for improvement)


      Hi all,

      I am aware that this request for improvement may appear as luxury to advanced users but please consider it , as it might be of great help for dummies (like me ) or for education (which is my goal ). I agree that ipython works perfectly on a terminal but it really look "has been" to the young used to web interfaces... In jupyterhub the device behaves like a webservser that enables authenticated web connections. In my use case groups of children are exposed to an Edison driving multiple sensors of a weatherstation; each group is in charge of one of the sensors.

      Jupyterhub cannot be installed because python3 is not fully available and pip3 cannot be installed.

      I am also aware that  probably this improvement could be done just by compiling an ad-hoc image but unfortunately  I have not the skills to do it (I'ii read...).

      Thanks for any help .


      Best regards