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    Monitor LG27UD58 connected on Display Port at Intel HD 530 does not wake, or start normally


      I have Z170A M7 motherboard that has integrated Intel HD 530 Graphics with Display Port and HDMI, also a PCI-E Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card.


      Problem is that my monitor LG27UD58 does not wake up from sleep normally when connected to Intel HD 530 Display Port, it just keeps flashing "No signal," and retries several times, messing the desktop windows each time I wake the computer. It starts working if I fiddle with the power buttons on the monitor, but it's too late then it has already messed up the windows.


      I also have another 4K display: XB271HK if I try that one to HD 530 Display Port, it works just fine, resumes from a sleep without problems. I have also verified that the problem is most likely with HD 530 drivers, since the LG27UD58 resumes from a sleep when connected to my GTX 970.


      I'm fairly certain that the problem is in HD 530 drivers, since it works with some monitors and not with others.




      Edit: I have also updated the mainboard bios to latest version. It didn't help.


      Edit: Only way it wakes up from a sleep normally is pressing the monitor button just before wake up event. It's a bit of a hassle but what can you do.