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    Developing native linux apps on Galileo board


      I am a newbie on developing linux apps on embedded platform although I'm an experienced embedded developer

      I recently got a Galileo board, updated board firmware and

      created sd-card image scuccesfully. In order  to create a cross-paltform development environment using  Eclipse IDE  on Ubuntu

      I downloaded and installed BSP for Quark succesfully from the following link.


      Download Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 Board Support Package (BSP)


      After installing BSP, installer created the following folders as shown in the attached file


      I think next thing to do is defining paths for compiler,debugger etc. in Eclipse compiler options.

      But when I searched the installed folders I cannot find any of these tools. Could you help me if I am

      missing out something to install tool chain.


      Also could you suggest me a beginner guide for developing linux apps on Galileo board.


      Thanks in advance...