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    How to build kernel modules for edison custom carrier board


      Hi there,


      I am fairly new to linux so building an overwhelmingly yocto image is so challenging to me. Nevertheless, with the help of some discussion here and 20+ hours experiments, I figured a way to successfully build a edison image from the latest release (20160606).


      My next question is that how to build kernel modules for my sensors on the carrier board?


      The sensor I am using is LSM9DS0 and connected to edison via I2C. There are linux drivers from this git: GitHub - Lahorde/st_lsm9ds0_linux_driver: Linux driver for lsm9ds0 IMU. However, I could not find a way to modify the recipes to include this driver to edison image.


      It seems possible to build a kernel module for this specific device driver then load the module to yocto system. I got so confused to all kinds of "very much in detailed" manuals, in which the description is challenging to be considered as relevant to edison....


      I did read the "BATMAN" post and that does not super helpful to me. Any other suggestions will be highly appreciated.