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    ICH10R RAID 5 Rebuild Issue




      I have a RAID 5 array (1 volume) with 6 x 1.5TB disks. One of these disks failed 2 weeks ago. I have received a replacement, installed this. The Intel Matrix Storage Manager has detected this and attempted to rebuild the array/volume. However, just after the progress bar reaches 26%, it resets to 0%. It has done this many many times already.


      I'm running on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have also installed XP on a spare hard drive and run from this to see if that was the issue, however it is exactly the same. I have tried the following versions of the software:


      IMSM 8.8

      IMSM 8.9

      IRST 9.5 (This is what i used to rebuild the array first)


      There are no errors on the hard drives (checked these with Seatools).


      I'm currently copying all my data to other hard drives in my household, however i don't have enough space to hold anything so i would rather like to recover this volume if possible


      Any help would be very must appreciated