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    Sensor Subsystem: GPIO Not Working as expected


      Hi All,


      I am writing an application for reading the digital input through GPIO pins in sensor subsystem but it is not working.

      I am attaching my code. Please have a look and suggest appropriately.



      1. main.c: Code written in sensor subsystem. using GPIO_SS[14] for getting input.

      2. quark_pin_configuration.jpg : Image to show the quark pin and function configuration.

      3. schematic : Image to show the input data source. IN image on pin 4 (GPIO_PLT_LS_CLK_0) I am getting the digital input.


      ERROR: IN this code I am just reading the input coming on pin4 of grove connector. It should be High low toggling but I found it always low.


      Can anyone help me debug this issue?


      Thanks & Regards,