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    Ram compatibility with I5 or I7


      I have the option to get 4GB, 6GB or 8GB with a new laptop with either the I5 or I7 processor.  I have always been under the impression that the amout of Ram should be equal in both Dimm slots, ie 2GB each for 4GB, 4Gb each for 8Gb--but what about for 6GB?  If the mfg puts in a 4gb and a 2gb to get to 6GB will that cause any performance issues? Thanks.

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          If Identical RAM's are used in the DIMM slots then they will be operating in Dual channel mode, Else if they are not identical they will be working in single channel Mode. From certain websites it is beleived that Dual channel operation is better than a single channel. I beleive still if they are not identical also ( lets say 2 GB + 1 GB) you can restrict the 2 GB to act as 1 GB so it will be operating in dual channel mode from BIOS but will not be able to use the full capacity of 3 GB. Just a Thought.

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            I think with the memory controller on the chip, it makes the ram access fast, so any negative effects are minimised.

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