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    Intel mobile hm76 and desktop h61 chipset driver Windows 8.1 (Do I need it?)


      Do I need to install 9.4.x Intel chipset AllOS driver for intel mobile chipset (lenovo g500 notebook), as I see default drivers (Windows) installed for it, intel LPC host controller, PCI Express bridge etc. seems all except SATA AHCI controller with have default SATA driver.

      Intel chipset driver which have release date 2013 and windows 8.1 latest build (2014 year) - Is default driver better and newer? Another reason why I asking because drivers only installing with flag /OVERALL or installing only some part of it, third reason I need to install driver before I updating Windows 8.1 (Windows updates) if I install after I update windows I got error linked with OSversion lib. and installer closing.
      I installed drivers with overall flag on win 8.1 (build 2014 november) without updates because that chipset not detected at all (all standard drivers) - and seems all fine and stable, Do I need it on intel hm76 which detected by windows somehow?
      I want to clarify that situatuation. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks