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    I have 2 compute sticks that won't power on at all.


      We have 4 Visio tv's acting as monitors with 4 compute sticks in them so we can display stats etc.  2 of them now fail to turn on at all. They are plugged into the HDMI on the TV, with power into an electric outlet. I will note that on all 4 of the compute sticks - the power connector is very loose and if you try to move it frequently they reboot.


      Nothing comes on the display at all - so I can't try updating the BIOS or anything like that. I've tried one of the two - attached to another system, tried a power supply from a working compute stick all to no avail. When they are plugged into power both have a blue indicator that comes on. But when you try to power it on nothing.


      Any ideas or are these needing to be RMA'd? They're less than 6 months old.