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    Skull Canyon keeps restarting with no display


      i purchased a NUC6i7KYK Skull Canyon with Kingston Hyper-X HX-424S14IBK2/32 (2x16GB) RAM, and WD Blue WDS500G1B0B 500GB SSD.

      After installing the RAM and SSD, turn on the unit, the power lights up about one minute, then powering  off about 2-3 seconds, and powering on again for 1 minute, and kept doing it until I pressed the power button for 3 second to turn it off. All of that was happening without showing anything on the display ("no signal" was shown on the display).


      I have tried several HDMI cables, several TV/monitors, took of the SSD, took of one of the RAM board, plugged in different slot, NOTHING CHANGED, it kept going on and off without display.


      When I turned it on without memory card installed, the lights blinks 3 times.


      Can anyone help to solve my problem?