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    explanation of .node_app_slot




      I noticed that /home/root contains a folder called .node_app_slot

      I can't find any documentation for it, except that it is mentioned in Intel XDK update notes. Is there any comprehensive explanation for how it works and how I could deploy a node application to it without using intel edison XDK?




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          Hello Vladimir,


          Thanks for reaching out!


          You are right, this directory is used by the XDK when you send an application to your Edison through a PC+SSH.


          This directory contains files should look like the following screenshot:




          This directory is not directly related to Node.js, it simply used for the XDK to store the applications data into Edison's internal memory and execute them when needed. What I mean is that this directory is created and used by the XDK and it is not directly related to Node.


          If you'd like to create something similar to this you'll probably have to program it from scratch.


          I hope this information helps.