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    how to get the landmarks(F200) without light source?


      I want to use the F200 to detect whether a person is fatigue or not. My program is based on  the demo DF_FaceTracking provides by SDK and the first step  of my  fatigue detection algorithm is getting the landmarks of face then going to further work. The  demo DF_FaceTracking  helps  a lot  and I acturally  get the landmarks.However, the demo DF_FaceTracking can not work without light source and I searched the SDK document but failed to find whether F200  can get face landmarks without light source.


      Here is my question.Can F200 get face landmarks without light source and if can ,how can I do to get the landmarks ?

      I would appreciate it if someone helps me solve this problem or gives me some advices.Thank you !

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          Hi Weijie,

          Thank you for contacting us.

          Almost all the algorithms work in a better way with light, I think that there isn't a way to modify this, because the light is an important factor for these cameras.

          Personally, if you don't have a good light source you can try to implement a more friendly background color to show your face and get a good amount of landmarks for your application.

          I hope you find this helpful.