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    blank screen after bios 43 update on D54250WYK (NUC). When I try BIOS recovery (3 sec power button) all I get is 3 beeps... HELP !!!!


        Like I said in the title, I updated the bios on my NUC to the latest (43). Everything looked OK on screen... untill the reboot ! There, all I get is a blank screen.

      I have waited several minutes, just to be sure nothing else was happenning. Then I tried switwhing it off, disconnecting it from the mains, etc. No dice.

      I then tried the Bios recovery procedure (3sec on the power button) , but all I got was three beeps...

      Next, I will try the procedure with the on-board jumper, but wanted to have some input from the community first.


      Anybody had the same problem ?


      Thank you.