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    i7 6700K Intel 530 HD FPS dropping/falloff overtime


      I've been having so much trouble with my new build. I've reinstalled Windows 10 at least 7 times in the last few days to try resolve constant issues that keep popping up; Windows freezing after exiting games if I start typing / CAM software not loading up / ASUS Ai Suite bugging out and not uninstalling leading to me having to reinstall windows ect. ect. /

      I finally get it all working in sync on a clean install and every time I play CS:Source the frames drop over time is this normal for Intel HD 530? I've tried 3 different graphics drivers both from manufacturer and Intel (.4416 / .4501 / .4542 )


      As you can see in CAM the FPS drops over time in a 10 minute time span is Counterstrike (Half-Life uses same .exe)

      The processor is not overheating since its watercooled with a Kraken X62 with averages around 42 C & doesn't go over 53 C max as seen here.



      Is this throttling? Whats causing the throttling and poor performance? I've tried XMP profiles and Default, same issues with both.

      I'm totally at a loss. I acknowledge this user had experience the same issues but I dont have a dedicated GPU

      I'm saving up for a graphics card but i think there is something wrong with the CPU/Motherboard? All components are brand new. Any help?


      i7 6700K | Kraken x62 | Z170 ASUS Pro Gaming AURA | Samsung 850 Evo | Corsair LED DDR4 3000mhz RAM | NZXT S340 Elite Case