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    Does Intel QM87 chipset let you use RAID with SSD drives or not?


      I have a HP ZBook 17 G2 laptop which uses the Intel QM87 chipset.  This chipset supports Intel firmware RAID.


      However, the RAID feature is disabled by default.  When I go into the BIOS, there is a "SATA Device Mode" setting which is currently set to "AHCI".  Based on the HP documentation I have read, you're supposed to be able to change it to "RAID" if you want to use RAID.  In addition, there is a "Ctrl I Prompt" setting that is currently grayed out so I can't enable it.  If the "SATA Device Mode" is set to "RAID", then I would be able to enable the "Ctrl I Prompt" setting, which would let me press Ctrl-I on boot up to enter the Intel firmware RAID setup menu.


      The problem is that I can't change the "SATA Device Mode" setting.  It only gives me the "AHCI" option, it doesn't even show the "RAID" option, so I can't change it to "RAID".  Since I can't change it to "RAID", the "Ctrl I Prompt" setting cannot be enabled.  I did a search and found someone else had the same problem with the "SATA Device Mode" setting not showing the "RAID" option.  He said the "RAID" option wasn't shown if he had a SSD drive installed in his computer, but after he took the SSD drive out, then the "RAID" option was displayed in the BIOS.


      So it seems like this Intel firmware RAID only supports traditional HDD drives and not SSD drives?  Can someone confirm if that is true?