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    Device identification problem when using multiple R200 devices on the system


      I use following coding to manage all R200 devices on the system, but can only capture one of them. It works for multiple SR300 devices. Need help. Thanks!


      // session is a PXCMSession instance

      PXCMSession.ImplDesc desc1=new PXCMSession.ImplDesc();



      for (int m=0;;m++) {

          PXCMSession.ImplDesc desc2;

          if (session.QueryImpl(desc1,m,out desc2).IsError()) break;

          Console.WriteLn("Module[{0}]: {1}", m, desc2.friendlyName);

          PXCMCapture capture;

          pxcmStatus sts=session.CreateImpl<PXCMCapture>(desc2, out capture);

          if (sts.IsError()) continue;

          // print out all device information

          for (int d=0;;d++) {

              PXCMCapture.DeviceInfo dinfo;

              sts=capture.QueryDeviceInfo(d,out dinfo);

              if (sts.IsError()) break;

              Console.WriteLn(" Device[{0}]: {1}",d,dinfo.name);