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    GPU Core Clock and voltage does not increase while playing some game


      GPU - HD530. CPU - core I5-6500

      I've got the latest video driver and BIOS update

      Not so long ago I had almost stable high GPU Core Clock, but something has happened and now my GPU Core Clock works with 450 MHz only when I'm playing minecraft.

      In other games i have stable GPU load.

      in the game GPU's use is about 20% and GPU Core Clock and GPU power are both low as though I just work only with desktop despite opened minecraft xD

      Temperatures are ok.

      I think it's happening because minecraft has low priority of the videocard probably and it thinks that minecraft doesn't need so much GPU's perfomance .-.

      How to solve that strange problem? :/ "how to inrease that small priority of minecraft in realtion to GPU" xD

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