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    nuc6i5syh graphics drivers issue




      There is a problem with my NUC model NUC6i5SYH running Windows 10. The NUC is always on (power settings are set so that the display is never turned off) and is connected via HDMI to a TV (SONY KDL-46V5100, 1920x1080 resolution), which I turn on and off as needed.


      When I turn on the TV, sometimes the display is blank and shows a "no signal" message. Sometimes, I can get my Windows screen back by switching to another input source on the TV and then switching back to the NUC (sometimes I need to do this multiple times, sometimes this doesn't help). Sometimes, I can get my Windows screen back by turning my TV off and then back on (sometimes I need to do this multiple times). At other times, the display shows my Windows screen but an "Optimal Resolution" message pops up and quickly disappears. The "Optimal Resolution" message says that the resolution is not optimal and should be 3820x2160 - note that my TV has a 1920x1080 resolution.


      A similar problem occurs when I am using the NUC (e.g., watching a video). At random times, the screen disappears and the TV shows a "no signal" message. At other times, the screen disappears and quickly reappears (audio cuts out briefly as well and then comes back), and the same "Optimal Resolution" message as above briefly pops up and disappears.


      The NUC currently runs the latest BIOS version 0054 and HD Graphics driver version Since July, when I got the NUC, I used a variety of BIOS and HD Graphics driver versions, and all have had this problem.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, perhaps a revised BIOS or HD Graphics driver is required?