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    Problems with Core i7-6900K


      Hey guys, I'm having some serious issues with my 6900K. I believe it may be dead. I cannot get a system to load into an OS with the CPU. It freezes during the Windows loading screen. I put in my 5820K and it works fine. I have tried all other parts with my 6900K and I get the same result. Try those same parts with my 5820K and it works fine.


      I am posting here because the warranty request service is down right now and I was directed here for help.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello thebski,


          I noticed that you have performed troubleshooting already, but here you can find some things that you could try as well:


          1. Test the system without RAM, you should receive 3 beeps in the power button, no video will be present.
          2. Test your RAM modules separately on each DIMM slot.
          3. Are you able to access the BIOS?
          4. Test the system without any additional components, if it works, add one component at a time in order to check if one of them is the problem.
          5. Test a different power supply if doable.

          6. Please provide me with your system configuration:



          -CPU:  Intel® Core™ i7-6900K Processor

          -Motherboard Model:

          -BIOS Version:


          -BIOS version needed:



          Please let me know how it goes, I also sent a PM to you, it should be in your inbox


          Esteban C

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            Hello, thank you for the response.


            1. I have not tested the system without RAM.

            2. I also have not tested each memory module in each DIMM. There would be 32 separate module-DIMM combinations. I am not trying to ignore advice, but testing 32 separate module-DIMM combinations seems excessive when the memory works fine in two other systems and the CPU doesn't work in 2 separate motherboards.

            3. I am able to enter the bios. However, the system hangs when attempting to load Windows setup from install media to install an operating system.

            4. I have tested down to the bare minimum required to run on the motherboard box test bench outside the case.

            5. I have tried an EVGA 1200 P2, EVGA 750 P2, and a Corsair AX 860. All power supplies function normally in other systems.


            System Config:


            -OS: None. Have attempted installing Windows and Linux Mint. System freezes before being able to load Windows Setup via install media.

            -CPU: Intel Core i7-6900K

            -Motherboards tried: Asus X99 Deluxe and Asus Rampage V Edition 10

            -Bios versions tried: X99 Deluxe (3301), Rampage V Edition 10 (0901 and 1003)

            -Storage: I have tried installing to a Samsung 950 Pro NVME drive and a Samsung 850 Pro SATA drive


            If you really insist that I do further testing, I will certainly do so as it is an $1100 CPU that I'd rather not eat the cost of. However, I have thrown all kinds of parts at this thing and can't get it to load Windows. All other parts function correctly in other combinations minus this 6900K. One thing that I can do relatively easily and have not done is test with another memory kit. I haven't done it simply because I know this kit is functioning fine. I'm typing on it right now with my personal 5820K paired to it.


            Thank you again for your time.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello thebski,

              Thank you very much for the answer provided!

              Sure I understand that performing 32 attempts is difficult, but you have peformed tests with the memory so thats ok.

              I believe we are good to check the warranty options you have available due to the troubleshooting that you have done.

              Please check you inbox.

              Esteban C