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    intel x25-m on a mac. maintanance tips?


      Hi all! I recently bought an intel x25-m 80 gb drive for my mac mini. It is now a completely blazing fast machine!!! I really wanna maintain this speedy configuration and i have a set of small questions in order to achieve that.


      • Is sleep mode on mac osx harming the ssd's lifespan?
      • is timemachine restore harmful for the disk? All these data wiping and re-writing, time machine performs, even if performed once a month can be considerably bad?
      • Is it true when disk gets full the response time decreases?
      • How long does it take for the drive start to become flow? What are the factors contributing to that?
      • I'm using a massive external drive where i keep all of my data. If i need to download stuff or perform -w actions, they all happen within the external. The intel x25-m essentially serves the purpose of reading data. Is this generally the best thing to do with an ssd?



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          Hello, I would like to tell you that since MAC* OS is based on a completely different architecture than Windows* based Operating Systems, this kind of specific questions would be better answered by Apple* directly


          What we can tell you is that since MAC* OS does not support TRIM it is normal to see a decrease of performance but the exact rate will be different from system to system, still would be better to check with Apple* on this respect.