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    intel stickstk1aw32sc hdmi no signal


      I just got my intel stick yesterthingday.

      I ve done a windows update last nite.

      unfortunately today I've turned it on again later today. It no longer displays.

      My tv says "no signal" I've connected my usb stick to another computer as well.

      No display.


      Blue light is on.. no flicker. but I don't feel or see the fan moving at all either.


      Someone suggested on the forum to use a phone character to power the stick (minusb cable.. it didn't change anything).

      I've tried to do reboot and hold 4 seconds. No change.

      even powered down by unplugging the unit and turn back on. still no change.


      I also saw this post Re: My compute stick turns on with a solid blue light but I get a "no signal" message on my TV screen.

      but I tried downloading the bios. I didn't hear any noises indicating a reboot,

      no beeps.

      and I can't see anything on display to see any updates etc