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    AMT Errors + should I disable it ???


      Let me start by saying I'm a complete amateur when it comes to PC's. Here's what my issues with AMT are:

      1. My computer became slower and slower. After an analisys with a software called MTB (taken from bleepingcomputer.com), I discovered that I have many errors involving AMT. You can see all of them in the attached file called "MTB". Also to help you, I used a software called Speccy, which gives you a full view of my PC. The report is here: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/08Dcu2Zcwl3tSIRLOrURhwo


      What can I do about those errors? Are they the ones slowing my computer?


      2. since this is my personal PC, would it help if I disable the AMT feature? I found a guide here How to Disable Intel Active Management | Chron.com . Is the process described correctly?


      Thank you in advance for all the help.


      Later edit: meanwhile, I have also used a software called "Cristal Disk Info" which reported that my disk is in good condition.