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    Calibration Data from R200




      I recently started working with Intel RealSense R200 camera. I am having issues in accessing data from R200 using the member functions QueryStreamProjectionParameters and QueryStreamProjectionParametersEx. Whenever I use these two functions to get the calibration data they either return "PXCM_STATUS_FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED" and "PXCM_STATUS_DATA_UNAVAILABLE". Any help would be much appreciated.


      Part of the code I am using to get Calibration Data:




      sm.EnableStream(PXCMCapture.StreamType.STREAM_TYPE_DEPTH, 0, 0, 0);   
      SetStatus("Init Started");
      if (sm.Init() >= pxcmStatus.PXCM_STATUS_NO_ERROR)
      {     /* Reset all properties */  

      projection = sm.captureManager.device.CreateProjection();
           PXCMCalibration calib = projection.QueryInstance<PXCMCalibration>();
           PXCMCalibration.StreamCalibration calibData;
           PXCMCalibration.StreamTransform calibTrans;

          SetStatus(calib.QueryStreamProjectionParameters(PXCMCapture.StreamType.STREAM_TYPE_COLOR, out calibData, out calibTrans).ToString());