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    Conceptual 64 bit computer !



      The new technology Intel® Optane, could there be a little more literate configuration.

      "Future" is coprocessing ...if someone makes a small computer with next generation Intel Atom 2W for example and Intel Octane ssd 3,5 inch ( Intel can do it in one inch) with integrated 10bit graphics ...also new chipset for Kaby lake z275 to maintain the necessary new cables ...

      Configured in RAID 0 four devices ... i get sixteen coprocessor and four graphics cores ... if they make eight 4k frames each , plus graphics core CPU ~20fps ... no need "samovars" as modern graphics cards, and hundreds, hundreds, hundreds .., of watts consumption ... also receive a new port, which leads to less blue screens ........ and will force Microsoft to finally do something decent !


      Now I'm the proud owner of a blue screen dz75ml-45k, i3-3225, ssd520-120gb, 8gb Kingston 2400mhz ddr3, Windows 10 pro 64 bit ... getting used to ...

      Please if you like and run my idea send us a sample