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    Detailed "stock" i7-4790k settings, e.g. VCore, VInput, Core Ratio, etc. [POTENTIAL USE FOR OVERCLOCKING BASIS]


      Hey there guys! I guess this is the best place to ask for stock setting information, and not an overclocking forum.


      Can anyone here provide as much information as possible on what it requires for an i7-4790k to run stock on any motherboard? The only thing I know is that the i7 runs at 4.0 GHz base clock and 4.4 GHz "turbo" (which I am also aware can be 4.2 GHz turbo on all cores and 4.4 GHz on single core, guaranteed). I'll try and find out myself on how to shift the processor from 3.5-3.9 from 4.0-4.4 myself.


      I don't know what to ask for specifically, but I guess we can start with the typical input voltage of an i7-4790k, and the startup voltage required for it to run. Essentially I want my i5 to run like the i7-4790k but with no Hyperthreading and 2MB less cache.


      I cannot reiterate enough on what my intentions are with the processor.


      Thank you guys!