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    Battery charging through USB-OTG, DC-DC step up main supply


      Dear all,


      Please review the connection diagram which I made to meet the following requirement;


      1) 3.7 V LiPo battery as power supply

      2) Should be able to connect USB mouse

      3) Should be able to charge battery through USB


      I'm using Intel Edison mini breakout board. As the USB mouse require more than 7V to be supplied to connector J21 of the edison, I'm planning to use DC-DC step up converter with the 3.7V LiPo battery. For charging the battery, I will simply plug-in a 5V charger adapter with USB-OTG connector at J16. On the other end of a second USB-OTG connector which goes to the same J16, I'm planning to connect the USB mouse.


      Is there any potential issues with this approach? Please find the connection diagram.


      Untitled Diagram2.png