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    i5-6600K graphics flicker/corruption?


      I have been having a very odd problem with my system for this past year. Basically I get this screen flicker with vertical/horizontal bars during normal use, and sometimes the screen would crash to a black screen, and then a screen with weird artifacting. At this point the system is unresponsive and any audio in the buffer would repeat itself over and over.


      I have taken many video clips of the corruption, but this clip I got while watching a video using the machine, and it happens often enough where I don't have to cut it: --> Graphics Corruption #1 (Long) on Vimeo.

      That video should be enough to highlight the issue I am having, but I have more shorter clips: Skylake CPU Graphics Problems on Vimeo.


      Now, before you think it is a monitor/cable issue, it's not. Here are my troubleshooting steps:


      I initially thought it was a problem with my discrete graphics card, but I am on my 4th card after RMA, and I still get the issue. I also suspected the motherboard, but I got that Gigabyte board RMAd, still had the problem, got an Asus board, problem still exists. I even flashed both to the latest BIOS, but no change.

      I even tried with onboard graphics, I still get the same issue.

      I tested the RAM, everything comes back ok, tried different combinations, different slots, everything works. Borrowed some extra DDR4, but problem still exists.

      PSU died at some point, got it RMAd too, but I still get the graphical flicker/corruption.


      At this point, I suspected it to be the monitor/cable, I tried a different monitor and cable, but the problem still exists.


      So I used a minimal system, one RAM stick, one SSD, cooler, onboard video, but I still get the same problem. I also tried a different OS (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian), but I still get these crashes when running off a USB (and no HDD connected). So it most definitely is a hardware fault.


      I also used Win7, Win8.1, Win10, Win10 Anniversary, with various drivers: Catalyst stable, Crimson beta, Windows Update, used Display Driver Uninstaller, clean format, but you guessed it...problem still occurs!


      This lead me to believe the CPU is at fault, as it is the only component left that I cannot replace or rule out (expensive and no spare Skylake chips around). Also, nothing in the system is overclocked.


      Is my CPU defective? This entire thing has been incredibly stressful for me, even to the point of me seriously considering parting out this cursed/haunted build. Do I have a solid case for an RMA?