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    Full instructions set for Xeon E7-8891v2 (SR1GW) Processor.


      I need Full instructions set for Xeon E7-8891v2 like cpu-z.

      I search new MB and CPU for my new server on 2011 platform.

      E7 processor support all instructions like E5 or not?

      And for MB. I search MB for 2011 on X79 and all have E5 support, but no one have support for E7! What motherboard I need for E7-8891v2?

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          Intel Corporation
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          In regard to your question, the instructions set for the E7-8891v2 are the following:
          Supplemental SSE3
          You can confirm that information on the following link:
          And the inquiry about which boards are compatible with the processor, I just wanted to let you know that this is a tray processor, and that type of processors are sold to specific manufacturers so they can build their products, normally the processor will be found on systems build by them, and most of the times you will not find this processor sold separately.
          Besides that, Intel did not manufactured a motherboard for this processor, that is why there is no a list of compatible boards for it, and in order to find out which products are working with this processor you will need to verify that with different manufacturers like for example Supermicro to find out if they have a product where this processor is included.
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          Any questions, please let me know.