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    Feedback about the forum itself


      When signing up, I got this:


      The password must:

      Be at least eight (8) characters long but no more than 15.

      Contain at least one letter (a-z; A-Z).

      Contain at least one number (0-9).

      Contain at least one special character, like @ or % symbol.


      Seriously, Intel? 15 characters maximum, but with all your crazy nonsense rules? You can learn the basics of password security over at XKCD. Learn more about password security at Schneier.


      I'm raising this question because, I sincerely hope you design your processors and stuff better than your user facing interfaces, such as the password field! I also wonder what long term geeks and tinkerers (not Intel employees) on this board think about the issue in the broad sense.

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          How do I disable the pop-up warning me that I'm redirected to a page outside intel.com? Seriously, I though we are not in kindergarten here, but this is a serious place for serious people.

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            I set my profile privacy so that my username is visible to everyone, my real name is only to me. Then my real name starts appearing near my posts (nice surprise). This is not how most online communities behave. How do I set my real name private, and post under my username?