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    DX79TO won't start with Samsung 950 Pro connected to PCI-E X16 using SilverStone PCI-E X4 to M.2 adapter




      i7 3930k

      GTX 1080 in primary PCI-E x16 (motherboard shows as Slot 6)


      That works on its own.


      When I insert Samsung 950 Pro with an adapter into second PCI-E x16 slot, BIOS fails to initialize:

      - displays just a blinking cursor

      - motherboard display shows number 64 (or b4)

      - 3rd (of 6) leds (which I guess is video init) is blinking, rest are constantly lit


      What I've tried so far (had to perform with SSD disconnected to access Setup):

      - update to the latest BIOS (from 2014)

      - enable/disable video fastboot

      - in BIOS config for video change Auto to Manual and select the slot where the graphics card is actually installed (I hoped it would help MB to go past video init)


      Neither had any effect


      I've read on the Internet people had some success with this MB and PCI-E SSDs. Am I doing something wrong?

      I only have an even older PC which I will try tomorrow just in case with that SSD.