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    Corel Paint Shop Pro X wont start due to new Intel HD 530 Driver (Win 8.1 64bit)




      when i install one of the newer Drivers (Beta Build 4534 (comes through Windows Update) or the current stable 4542. (Btw, why is it blocked to Copy Driver Information from the Driver Site ???)


      When one of both Drivers are installed, Paint Shop Pro X wont start and is hanging at the PSP Logo.

      When i uninstall the Driver, PSP works again. ive tried the lastest one too, doesnt work.


      With Driver 4501 there seem no Problems. At least i did not notice any (so far).


      I use Windows 8.1 64bit with 32GB, but PSP X is 32bit Application. (this Version is more than outdated (2006), but it worked already and this is obviously Driver related and not an Windows issue)